Supercharging Productivity with the Cloud

29 Jun

Supercharging Productivity with the Cloud

Cloud Computing


Cloud computing has revolutionized how we do business with profound impact on overall organizational productivity. What was nearly impossible few years ago is now within our reach. Cloud services save both time and money, opening up new opportunities and revenue streams that have remained hidden. By 2020, U.S. small businesses using cloud services are anticipated to double to almost 80% of the total number.

Not only small businesses would be fundamentally improved by cloud computing, but large companies and governments are going to be made better. The Cloud enhances efforts at running efficient systems while reducing operational cost and overhead greatly. These disruptive capabilities holds a lot of promises for businesses in general.
Eliminating the need to build and maintain a connected infrastructure allows businesses focus on core areas that scale their operations. As Cloud provides greater agility and flexibility, organizations can simply plug-in and implement new technology rapidly. Why reinvent the wheel when you can easily get on the ship and set sail immediately?
Imagine what can be achieved leveraging existing technology. Imagine the cost saving for businesses and thousands of other activities that could be accomplished with the time it would cost to build the platform businesses require. All of that power under our control certainly speeds up our baseline operation automatically improving our productivity.
Cloud has made it easy to deploy Software as services (SaaS). It is worth noting that these come with their own risks of which security comes on top. Insecure Saas platforms make the features of the platform secondary to security. Data loss and leakages are just a few of the risks organizations may face using SaaS. But the benefits make SaaS attractive regardless. From accounting, to project management, virtually all major operations of businesses have a SaaS dedicated to solving those challenges.
We are very excited about what the future holds for the Cloud and anticipate greater achievements as a result.

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