Performance Management
made convenient

Track, Assign & Manage your Team's milestones.

The best part? It is totally free!

Improved Team

Everyone on your team has a clear focus. Goals have been set and they are tracked easily. No one has to think twice or ask questions about what they need to do or what progress has been made. Go from 0-100 everyday in less than 1 minute.

Easy to

Status update makes it easy for everyone to share what they have done with the team. Whether you have been away for long or just got back from the field, going through the statuses of the rest of the team will bring you up to speed very fast.

Quick Timeline

See everything you need, everything you have to do in one place. See what others are working on and cheer them all from one place. Keeping up with the team never got easier and more productive.

Easy Status

Tell the team what the day has been like or share the good news about that great deal you've been trying to close for months. Most importantly, you can update your progress on your goals in a very seamless way.

Features that improve efficiency

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Responsive design
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Brilliant Interface
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User Friendly Dashboard
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Pixel Perfect
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Instant Catchup
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Assign Tasks
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Due Dates
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File Attachments
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Project Notes
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Realtime Notifications
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Project Groups
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User Management